Brief Academic History – Past and Present

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona, at the main campus in Tucson. In addition to teaching courses on health and spiritual psychology, he is the Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.

Gary received his Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard University in 1971 and was an assistant professor at Harvard for five years. He later served as a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University, was director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center, and co-director of the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic, before moving to Arizona in 1988.

In September 2002 he received a $1.8 million dollars award from the National Center on Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health to create a Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science at the University of Arizona, which he directed for four years.

Gary collaborates with Canyon Ranch on biofield science and energy healing research and serves as the Corporate Director of Development of Energy Healing at Canyon Ranch.

Publications and Honors

Gary has published more than four hundred and fifty scientific papers, including six papers in the journal Science. Gary has also co-edited eleven academic books, is the author of The Energy Healing Experiments (2007), The G.O.D. Experiments (2006), The Afterlife Experiments (2002), The Truth about Medium (2005), and The Living Energy Universe (1999).  His new book The Sacred Promise: How Science is Discovering Spirit’s Collaboration with Us in Our Daily Lives was published in January 2011.

The Energy Healing Experiments (2007) received the Gold Medial from the Nautilus Book Awards.

Gary is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, the Society for Behavioral Medicine, and the Academy for Behavioral Medicine Research

He received a Young Psychologist Award and an Early Career Award for Distinguished Research from the American Psychological Association. He served as President of the Biofeedback Society of America and the Health Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association. In 2004 he received a Distinguished Scientist Award for Energy Psychology from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and in 2006 a Distinguished Scientist Award from the United States Psychotronic Association.


Gary is highly experienced in speaking publicly about health psychology, energy healing, and spiritual research, and is in high demand. He has been interviewed on major network television shows including Dateline and Good Morning America, as well as on MSNBC, Nightline, Anderson Cooper 360, and The O’Reilly Factor.  His work has been the subject of documentaries and profiles on Discovery, HBO, Arts & Entertainment, Fox, History and the SciFi Channel, among others.

Gary has been interviewed on hundreds of radio shows, including four evenings on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM, and on PBS, CBC and BBC. His work has been described in various magazines and newspapers including USA Today, the London Times, The New York Times, and The LA Times, as well as a feature profile in Biography magazine.


Gary is married to Rhonda Eklund-Schwartz, an artist and writer.

Rhonda’s new book Love Eternal: Breakthrough Personal and Scientific Evidence for Life After Deathincludes surprising evidence of the apparent role than Marcia Eklund, her deceased mother, and Susy Smith, Gary’s deceased adopted grandmother, played in bringing them together from the “other side.”  This extraordinary, seemingly unbelievable evidence is provided in detail in Love Eternal.

Gary’s hobbies include collecting Pacifiic Nortwest Coast, Southwest Coast Native American, and African sculptures, reading mysteries and non-fiction books about science and spirituality, watching the wildlife behind his home, listening to (and playing) smooth jazz, and walking and exploring.